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Each month we carefully select between six and eight products from award-winning Irish artisan producers from across the island of Ireland, box them and deliver them to your home or workplace, no matter where you live.

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Last Months box

Kilbeggan Organic Foods

Kilbeggan Organic Foods produce premium oat-based products using organically-grown oats from their farm in the heart of Ireland. Ballard Organic Farm is a fifth-generation family farm located in Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath, in the Irish midlands, where the Lalors have been farming organically since 1999. Pat Lalor and his family began producing their own Kilbeggan Organic Porridge Oats in 2011, and following on from this success they launched their premium range of Kilbeggan Handmade Oat Cookies in 2015.

In the past we’ve sent the Kilbeggan Caramel Cookies in the box and they went down a treat, so we decided it was time to try another flavour; this month we have picked up the hazelnut-flavoured cookies, and we can tell you before you even start that they are every bit as delicious as the caramel version. Now we don’t know which ones are our favourites, so we might have to try the choc-chip ones soon…

John McCambridge 

The first of our new suppliers this month is John McCambridge Bread. The McCambridge family have been producing Ireland’s favourite soda bread for many years, as since 1945 they’ve been strictly following the original Ellen McCambridge recipe for Irish stone-ground whole-wheat bread.

While we can’t send you a fresh brown bread, we can certainly give you the opportunity to try a nice slice of Ireland’s favourite brown bread. The Irish Soda Bread Kit is so simple to bake that even our young Katie did it. The instructions are straightforward, so stick the oven on and get baking!


We met Christine McAndrew at a tasting event a few months ago, and we just loved her product, Mariko Sparkling Green Tea. Mariko founder Christine was inspired by the many studies that show the amazing benefits of green tea, and so she decided to come up with a green tea with a difference. She began her quest in 2012 and, after two years working alongside food technologists at the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise, Mariko Sparkling Green Tea was born.

This is an amazingly refreshing drink that contains no calories or sweeteners. It has been used by the Ireland rugby team, no less, and its green tea content packs a high concentration of naturally-occurring antioxidants. Mariko is fabulous on its own, but if you visit www.mariko.ie you’ll find lots of recipes for cocktails, refreshing summer drinks and many others. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did, and we are delighted to have Christine on board as a new supplier too.

Sheridan’s Cheesemongers

We introduced you to Sheridan’s Cheesemongers last month when we sent you a box of their handmade Rye & Linseed Crackers. Founded by brothers Seamus and Kevin Sheridan in Galway back in 1995, alongside Galway’s weekly market they have now grown to supply four shops and a number of store counters in retail centres and airports.

Sheridan’s range is now much more than cheese, and this month we have included one of their Open-Pan Jams. These jams were created by the Sheridans, and are made in small batches, using only Irish fruit in open pans, by Tom and Laura Sinnott in New Ross in Co. Wexford. The Rhubarb & Elderflower Jam is just amazing, as the addition of the elderflower creates a distinct fusion of tastes. If you have the brown bread baked, this is the ultimate topping!


O’Donnell’s Crisps

There have been seven generations of the O’Donnell family farming Seskin Farm since the 1700s. There have been many changes in farming since then, but all through that time the O’Donnells stuck to the trusted potato as their main crop. Back in 2007 Ed O’Donnell spotted a gap in the market for an Irish hand-cooked crisp, and decided to make his own from their own potato grown in the shadows of Sliabh Na MBan. Since 2007 O’Donnell’s Crisps have become the bestselling Irish hand-cooked crisp, and neither have artificial colours or flavours nor MSG or GM ingredients. We are delighted to add O’Donnell’s to our list of suppliers this month.

I’m sure you have all tasted some good old Irish cheddar with a dollop of Ballymaloe relish on top – it’s hard to resist that amazing taste. Well, now you can have it in a crisp – the latest addition to the O’Donnell’s crisp range is their Gluten-Free Ballymaloe Relish & Cheddar Cheese flavour. All I can say is we had to smuggle these into our house, as there are a good few crisp-lovers here and so these crisps would quickly disappear without trace. O’Donnell’s have a number of great flavours, but we think this one is going to be a huge hit.

Broderick Brothers

One product that received very positive feedback a few months ago was the Broderick Brothers Yummy Yoggy Mango Munchie. This seems to have really hit the spot with you guys, so for that reason we’ve decided to give the Brodericks another shout for something else.

It’s hard to pass up a bit of Rocky Road when you’re looking at all the goodies on the dessert list or treat counter. Rocky Road isn’t that old, but it sure is top of the list in popularity these days, so we’ve brought you a slice from Broderick Brothers this month, made with Belgian chocolate, marshmallow and biscuit. It all started with Barry and Bernard Broderick messing around in a kitchen and ending up making some nice bars and cakes – now things have definitely outgrown the kitchen, and they run a hugely-successful business. I think this treat is going to be another you will all want again.

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