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Irish Taste Club

In recent years, Ireland saw more and more people returning to what they knew best; the land. That has led to what has become a growing wave of award-winning artisan producers. Their food was delicious but many struggled to compete in a small open economy like Ireland. These cottage industries could never establish their presence in a market without huge budgets and teams of personnel. The odds were stacked against them and so many of their products were left undiscovered and unappreciated in farmers’ markets and on the shelves of small local shops.

After watching the farming industry change so drastically over the years, I decided to make a career of helping those small Irish producers to expand their reach. This is the impetus behind Irish Taste Club; a platform for small Irish artisan producers to sell direct to consumers across the USA and Ireland, cutting out the middle men. It’s like an Irish farmers’ market direct to your door!

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