Q: What is Irish Taste Club?

A: Irish Taste Club is a unique way to get the finest Irish gourmet food to you – monthly!

Q: How do you pick the contents of my Irish Taste Club hamper box?

A: Every month you will receive hard to find, carefully selected Irish epicurean food products that we hope you will love. We work with the best independent artisan producers throughout Ireland, each working within their own niche.

Q: What food can I get?

A: We go through a lengthy selection process to make sure we get you the very best unique Irish gourmet products every month. Be it chocolate and desserts, jams and chutneys, snacks or spices, we can pretty much guarantee that you will absolutely love the gastronomic delights in your monthly hamper box.

Q: How do I order?

A: You just choose your membership type, then sit back and wait to enjoy the delicious Irish food when it arrives!

Q: How am I billed?

A: From when you first sign up and make your initial payment, we will take a recurring payment on the same date in the next payment month, ie you signed up on the 15th October, we will take the next payment on the 15th November.

Q: Can I cancel my order or membership?

A: Of course! We’re sad to see you leave but membership can be cancelled at any time, just email us and we’ll look after the rest.

Q: How much do you charge for shipping?

A: For shipping to anywhere throughout continental USA is 100% FREE!

Q: Still have some questions? Please see our Contact Us link below, we’d love to hear from you!

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