Five Food Trends for 2016

Happy New Year

  1. Clean eating.

This one is not going away. We are more conscious than ever of the effect food has on our health. The biggest-selling cookbooks these days are chock-full of recipes with quinoa, freekeh, avocados and raw vegetables.

  1. Less meat in our diets.

Too much red meat is bad for us. We know this. Generations ago in Ireland, it was a twice-a-week treat for most people. It certainly wasn’t eaten three times a day. Meat-free Monday is already a big trend but this year will see more and more people eating less meat and more meals based solely on fish, vegetables and grains. Some think we’ll start eating insects as a form of protein but we’ll pass on the crickets for now!

  1. Only eating foods with ingredients we can pronounce.

All of the products in our Flavor Boxes are made by Irish artisan producers who eschew using artificial additives and preservatives. What you eat should be pronounceable and manufactured goods should be made from as few ingredients as possible.

  1. Less grazing, more waiting till you’re hungry.

We used to eat three times a day and we didn’t snack. Biscuits and cakes were treats. We love sweets and snacks as much as everyone but they’re not for every day. It’s time to go back to eating when we’re hungry, not because we’re bored. Food tastes better that day and we feel better too.

  1. Good-quality treats.

Life without treats wouldn’t be much fun, but they should be worth the calories. We would much rather eat a little great chocolate or cake than so-so stuff. Everything in moderation is a cliché but true all the same.

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Happy New Year!

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