Five things you didn’t know about Jam

The best way of preserving nature's hedgerow bounty
The best way of preserving nature’s hedgerow bounty.

The Irish call it jam. The Americans call it jelly. Either way, we all love it, but did you know?


  1. The making of jam and jelly probably began centuries ago in the Middle Eastern countries, where sugar cane grew naturally
  2. It is believed that the returning Crusaders first introduced jam and jelly to Europe.
  3. Jam is a thick mixture of cut or crushed fruit and sugar (and often pectin) that is cooked until the pieces of fruit form a thick puree.  Jelly is a clear, bright mixture made from fruit juice, sugar and pectin or acid that forms a gel.
  4. In the United States, early New England settlers preserved fruits with honey, molasses or maple sugar. Pectin extracted from apple parings was used to thicken jellies.
  5. Historically in Ireland, two of the most popular jam flavours made in the home were Rhubarb and Ginger and Blackberry and Apple.


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