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In recent years, Ireland has watched its food and drink industry undergo a complete cultural revolution. The Irish people have moved away from the large multinational food companies who have dominated the industry here for decades, and returned in their droves to small, local, artisan producers.

This change in consumer behaviour has ushered in a new generation of small cottage industries. These artisan producers compete in the Irish market with the quality and care they take in crafting their products, and not with their marketing budgets.

A major difficulty faced by these producers has been in getting their products to the people who want them. Despite dominating the many food quality awards and competitions, without the large marketing budgets of the multinationals these producers have seen their products struggle for their space on the supermarket shelf.

The Irish Taste Club was set up to bring the best of this new generation of artisan produce directly to the consumer, bypassing the many distributors and large retailers which have stifled the industry for years.

Once a month, the Irish Taste Club delivers the best gourmet food products Ireland has to offer directly to the people who want it most. Its monthly subscription hamper box delivered direct to your door contains on average between 7 and 9 gourmet products, consisting of  artisan jams, chocolates, chutneys, baking mixes and condiments to name just a small few.

As an added insight to the newly disrupted Irish food scene, the hamper box also contains the latest in Irish food news, trends, and recipes written by the Islands most revered experts.

“By subscribing to the Irish Taste Club’s monthly service, our members are not only receiving the best artisan produce that Ireland has to offer, they are helping to support the growing band of Irish cottage food and drink producers.”

Join the Irish gourmet food revolution and get a real flavor of Ireland, delivered directly to your door.

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