A crisp sandwich is a wonderful thing

The Irish love affair with crisp sandwiches


Ask any Irish person if they like crisp sandwiches and I would bet my house that they would all answer with a resounding Yes!

There’s something about the crunch of savoury crisps married with soft bread and a smear of Irish butter that just feels like the ultimate soul food for the Celt.

Opinion is divided as to whether you should use white or brown bread but to my mind it should be white batch bread. Batch bread is what we call a square loaf which has been baked connected to other loaves.

It has a brown crust top and bottom but the rest is pure, soft, white bread that just loves butter.

The size of a normal bag of crisps in Ireland is perfect for the sandwich filling. Your Keogh’s or O’Donnell’s crisps in your Flavor Boxes will definitely stretch to two.

Some people crush the crisps before filling the sandwiches. Others just tumble them out onto the bread.

What to have with this princely snack? A cup of good strong Irish tea, of course.

A crisp sandwich is a wonderful thing
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