The Foods of Athenry philosophy

Just some of this company's amazing range.
Just some of this company’s amazing range.


There is an amazing range of baked goodies from the Lawless family who own The Foods of Athenry. Our particular favourites at the moment are their Cranberry and Hazelnut Gourmet Sodabread Toasts- SO good with goats’ cheese and chutney. They are crunchy but the addition of buttermilk means they manage to retain some moisture too.

We think they’re such a clever idea- like a savoury biscotti. Like them, they are twice-baked but these also manage to be gluten and wheat-free. They also have an impressive 23 per cent nutritious nuts and berries. This commitment to using lots of the best natural ingredients is central to the family’s philosophy.

When they were bringing up their children they took great care to prepare their own lunchbox snacks and treats. When that way of life turned into a business, they applied that same simple rule to all of their products.

While these are all important considerations, their products need to taste good, and they do! Everything they make is additive-free and utterly delicious. Next Christmas, we’ll be bringing you their mince pies and puddings. In the meantime, feast on their Bite Size Cookies and Gourmet Sodabread Toasts in our Flavor Boxes.  Did we mention they are SO diet-friendly?  Fewer than 20 kcals each.

For more information, visit www.foodsofathenry.ie


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