What’s next for Harnett’s Oils?

Harnett’s Oils will feature in our Flavor Boxes. They’re famous for their award-winning Rapeseed and Hemp which is grown and produced on their land in Waringstown. We had a Q + A with Jane Harnett as she was busy bottling the new season’s ranges.


ITC: Which is your most popular oil and why?

Jane: This is a hard one to answer as both oils are so different in their own ways and have their own followers.  The hemp as a superfood is a one-stop-shop for a great array of Omegas, vitamins and minerals.  This oil attracts the health and environmentally-conscious people who are knowledgeable of the great benefits of Hemp.  Our Rapeseed Oil is very versatile oil and is ideal for frying and roasting. Flavor-wise you can never go far wrong with the Pure Extra-Virgin Cold-pressed Rapeseed Oil from the barony of Iveagh, County Down.
ITC: What do you like most about what you do?


Jane : All stages of the oil production differ from walking the crops to checking it is growing to the pressing the oil. It takes years to perfect. I think we have just managed to make sure the oilseed is at its optimum before being cold-pressed and filtered.  I do enjoy the innovation of the new products and talking to the public about the oils that we produce.  No two days are the same and that is the way I like and enjoy it. It always helps that I just need to walk across the farmyard to get to work!



ITC: What is your favourite flavor combination?


Jane: I put out all the flavors onto the market because I like them and then I just see how they work.   Though I really have a soft spot for the Blas na hEireann Awards Finalist this year; the Orange and Rosemary Rapeseed Oil. It is great in stuffing, roasted vegetables and chicken or lamb to name a few.  Also a few years ago we had a bumper crop of damsons and made damson vinegar for the vinaigrette which was divine.  Last year we did a short run of blackberry vinaigrette.  This year at present I am playing around with elderberries.


ITC: Any new ones you are working on that you can bring exclusively to us?


Jane: I am open to producing whatever you would like and I can get my hands on within in reason.  I have been working with producing a Lime and Ginger Rapeseed Oil but need a bit of time to work on this orMmint rapeseed oil.  It is easier to do small runs in the 160ml bottles of vinaigrettes so hoping to get out tomorrow to see what fruits of the farm we have.  I am also working on another product at the moment which is non-oil related which again will be looked into further in January. The Belfast Airport Ulster Artisan Pop-Up shop seems to be taking up my time presently.


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